Mothman Museum

Explore the legend of the Mothman at this fun storefront museum in the heart of downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, West Virginia (photo courtesy of destination)

The night of Nov. 15, 1966, changed the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, forever, giving birth to a local legend that is still remembered and talked about in this Ohio River community. That evening brought the first sighting of a flying creature with red eyes that was spotted at various times during the 13 months that followed and then never again.

This corner of cryptid lore is explored at a fun storefront museum in the heart of downtown Point Pleasant. You’ll know you’re there when you see the silver metal statue of the Mothman with wings outstretched (and on most days, people getting their photo taken with it.)

The museum prides itself on being the only one in the world dedicated to the Mothman. Visitors are free to browse the fun gift shop in the front, which is packed with T-shirts, buttons and more that celebrate the legend, but for a small admission fee, they can step into the back to browse historical documents, movie props and Mothman memorabilia. Along the way, they’ll learn how paranormal investigator and author John Keel, local reporter Mary Hyre and the mysterious Men in Black fit into the Mothman story.

Those who want to delve into the eyewitness accounts will enjoy the copies of the original police depositions handwritten by eyewitnesses about what they saw on Nov. 15, 1966. Kids will love the Mothman photo ops, including multiple life-size — but not too scary — replicas of the winged creatures. See the largest collection of props from the 2002 Sony Pictures film “The Mothman Prophecies,” starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney, and browse a collection of newspaper articles documenting the tragic Silver Bridge disaster, which occurred exactly 13 months after the first Mothman sighting and marked the end of the creature’s appearances in Point Pleasant.  

400 Main St., Point Pleasant, WV, 304/812-5211,