This sprawling outdoor art exhibition in Morrisburg, Ontario, features awe-inspiring displays carved from more than 7,000 pumpkins. 

Pumpkinferno in Morrisburg, Ontario (photo by Jeff Speed)

Pumpkins are synonymous with the harvest season, but in Morrisburg, Ontario, they are also the means to create an annual spectacle that draws travelers to Upper Canada Village, a heritage park that depicts life during the 19th century. Pumpkinferno, a sprawling outdoor art exhibit, features awe-inspiring displays carved from more than 7,000 pumpkins. (Artificial pumpkins are also shaped from molds of real ones, adding to the realistic look.)

For more than a month, the illuminated creations line a kilometer-long path that offers the ultimate jack-o-lantern experience. Designing and creating this seasonal masterpiece takes time, and selected local artists began planning the production each spring so it’s ready to be unveiled in late September.

The experience takes about 40 minutes to walk through and even those who have visited before are sure to see something new. In addition to familiar favorites that make encores from year to year, Pumpkinferno also refreshes its displays each autumn.

Past crowd favorites have included “Day of the Dead” (intricately carved depictions of the sugar skull motif associated with the Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebration), “Mesozoic Monsters” (dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex) and Night at the Gallery (re-creations of paintings by some of history’s greatest artists) among its lineup of elaborate works.

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