Giant Public Art Sculptures

From a towering mailbox to a giant golf tee, the intricate details and bright colors of these larger-than-life works capture visitors’ imaginations in Casey, Illinois.

Giant mailbox in Casey, Illinois (photo courtesy of Casey Chamber of Commerce)

In the tiny town of Casey, Illinois, (population: 2,404) the motto is “Big Things in a Small Town.” The community’s collection of 32 giant public art sculptures draws travelers to the quirky village just south of Interstate 70.

From a towering barber pole to a giant golf tee, the intricate details and bright colors of the unusual works capture visitors’ imaginations. A bright green bookworm adorned with round spectacles is nestled in front of the public library, while a giant pencil installed downtown is so inviting it almost makes you want to tackle a sheet of math problems.

A dozen of Casey’s whimsical creations have achieved the designation of the world’s largest from Guinness World Records. The World’s Largest Rocking Chair rises 56 feet above the ground and weighs 46,200 pounds, while the World’s Largest Mailbox allows visitors to climb up inside and send some snail mail of their own. Other fan favorites include the Big Birdcage, where families can sit on the human-sized perch for an afternoon swing. The collection began after local resident Jim Bolin finished building the World’s Largest Windchime in 2011. Since then, it has grown to an attraction that draws families in off the highway to get fun photo ops with the larger-than-life items.

When it’s time for dinner, look for the big taco on Northwest 1st Street. Standing in front of Cilantro’s Grill and Cantina, the giant hard-shell sculpture pulls in hungry travelers for tacos as well as burritos, chimichangas and quesadillas.

Along with taking in the enormous pieces of art, travelers can explore the shopping and food scene in Casey’s historic downtown. For an overnight stay, check out the Eighteen-Ninety Sleepover, a former meeting hall from 1890 converted into a family-friendly bed-and-breakfast. For more information, visit