Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Listen to tunes, see wardrobe and guitars from the greats and commune with the all-time greats in Cleveland, Ohio

Rock Hall & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio (photo by Lacey Criswell)

Music lovers, if you haven’t made it to this museum yet, you need to add Cleveland to your list. At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, you can listen to tunes, watch videos, see wardrobe and guitars from the greats, and pay tribute to those who have been enshrined here.

The beautiful glass pyramid designed by architect I.M. Pei stands against the backdrop of Lake Erie. Out front, a 78-foot-long and 6-foot-high string of letters proclaims “Long Live Rock.” Be sure to stop for a fun photo op before heading inside.

Over the years, more than 330 people have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, open to artists who have been around at least 25 years. Its home in Cleveland opened in 1995. See artifacts from key figures in music history, including Aretha Franklin’s Radio City Music Hall dress, David Bowie’s Moonlight tour suit, Michael Jackson’s iconic glove, Kurt Cobain’s guitar and the Rolling Stones’ road case that traveled with them to every show. Did you know the Beatles went by other names, including the Quarrymen? Find out more in an exhibit that features the band’s instruments, clothing and albums through the years. The Rock Hall’s “Right Here Right Now” exhibit showcases trending artists of today, like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

You can embrace your inner rock star in “The Garage.” Various musical instrument stations allow visitors to take a brief lesson or free jam on guitar, drums, bass and keyboard.

Also, be sure to check out the “Power of Rock Experience,” which instills moments from Rock Hall induction ceremonies into an inspiring montage. Before you leave, stop in the museum store to browse a huge selection of artwork, records, books and more.

1100 E. Ninth St., Cleveland, Ohio, 216/781-7625,