Sky High Adventure Park

Holiday Valley’s most popular summer attraction brings travelers’ love for nature to new heights in Ellicottville, New York.

Sky High Adventure Park in Ellicottville, New York (photo courtesy of destination)

Holiday Valley draws the winter crowd, but it’s a great destination for families in the summer, too. An abundance of outdoor attractions at this destination in the picturesque town of Ellicottville, New York, promises to keep everyone active and entertained as the season starts to heat up.

Sky High Adventure Park — Holiday Valley’s most popular attraction during the summer months — brings travelers’ love for nature to new heights, literally. Reaching up to 68 feet in the air, the aerial adventure park’s highest platform challenges visitors to show off their balance and engage in problem-solving skills to reach the top, safely protected by a harness, of course. If you are not a fan of heights, the park is also home to 13 rope courses of varying heights, with easier courses starting at 15 feet, and difficulty levels that cater to those 7 years old and up.

The adventure continues in the Climbing Forest, where children 5 and up can ascend trees by following color-coded handholds. All climbers wear a harness to ensure safety, and comfortable clothing and durable shoes are recommended. Those who want to tackle a fun downhill course during the summer will want to take a ride on the Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster. Running on a metal track similar to a roller coaster, the one- or two-person ride offers great views as it zigzags down the course, and a brake allows riders to control the speed of their descent.

Holiday Valley is also a great home base for exploring the town of Ellicottville, which has four blocks of galleries, shops and restaurants, including casual favorites like The Gin Mill and fine dining such as Dina’s. 

6774 Holiday Valley Rd., Ellicottville, New York, 716/699-4444,