See canyons, waterfalls, natural springs, sandstone overhangs and breathtaking views along 13 miles of trails in Oglesby, Illinois.

Starved Rock State Park in Oglesbay, Illinois (photo courtesy of destination)

Less than two hours from the towering skyscrapers of Chicago, you’ll find nature’s towering walls. Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby features 18 canyons with fascinating moss-covered stone formed by glacial meltwater that slice dramatically through the wooded forest and the sandstone cliffs.

With 13 miles of seasonal trails, it’s easy to wind through the canyons to see waterfalls, natural springs, sandstone overhangs and breathtaking views overlooking the luscious vegetation and the forest’s beautiful canopy of leaves.

If you’re seeking to relax or itching for a more thrilling adventure, the park — and surrounding wilderness of Starved Rock Country — features various recreational activities such as camping and hiking, allowing for the adventurous side in anyone to enjoy a piece of nature.

Sleep in comfort and in tune with the park’s natural surroundings in the 1930s-era stone and log lodge. The Lodge Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and carryout orders are also available. Another overnight option is to book a stay in one of the property’s cabin rooms or stand-alone cabins. All built by the Civilian Conservation Corp during the 1930s, these historic accommodations are nestled under tall pines and oaks and are steps away from the park’s trails and attractions, such as waterfalls and canyons. The size of the cozy cabins range from 155 to 390 square feet and sleep anywhere from two to seven people.

For those who want to explore a little outside the state park, attractions in the area include Tangled Roots Brewing Co. in Ottawa and August Hill Winery, Illinois River Winery and more outdoor dining in Utica.

Although it shines in summer, Starved Rock State Park is an all-season destination. Look to the trees and skies to see migratory birds visiting the park in the fall. In winter, you might even catch a sighting of bald eagles near the Army Corps of Engineers visitor center or the Lock and Dam on the Illinois River at Grafton. Cold weather also brings an icy spectacle when the waterfalls here freeze over into stunning formations.

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