Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate

Explore the life of Speaker of the House and U.S Senator Henry Clay in Lexington, Kentucky, at an estate preserved by his children and grandchildren.

Interior of The Henry Clay Estate in Lexington, Kentucky (photo courtesy of The Henry Clay Estate)

Ashland sits along the historic streets of Lexington, Kentucky, sharing the story of statesman Henry Clay, who served three stints as Speaker of the House of Representatives before his time as a U.S. senator from 1831 to 1841.

Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate invites visitors to learn about the long history of the property, which was once used as a plantation, and its former owner, who lived there for nearly 50 years. Ashland also tells the stories of the men and women who were enslaved there.

Henry Clay’s son, James Clay, built Ashland’s towering brick mansion in 1857 on the site of the property’s original home. Henry Clay’s granddaughter, Anne Clay McDowell, remodeled the interior of the home in the 1880s. Visitors can take a tour, stroll under the canopy of the property’s arboretum and enjoy the blooms in the gardens. 120 Sycamore Rd., Lexington, Kentucky 40502, 859/266-8581,