Neapolitan Pizzas at Hawkins Family Farm

Dine on an Italian specialty al fresco in North Manchester, Indiana, at this family-owned spot that hosts seasonal Friday pizza nights on the farm. 

Neapolitan pizza at Hawkins Family Farm in North Manchester, Indiana (photo courtesy of Hawkins Family Farm)

There is no better place to shake up a Friday-night pizza routine than at the Hawkins Family Farm. Neapolitan-inspired pizzas are available to go or for on-site dining at this 99-acre farm in northern Indiana. Jeff Hawkins and his family routinely serve up to 100 wood-fired pizzas during this Friday-night exclusive that has been a tradition since 2009. Fans of the pizzas regularly show up to dine al fresco surrounded by the pastoral beauty of farmland.

The Hawkins’ son, Zach, researched the craft of creating Neapolitan-style pizza — known for its thin, soft crust and cooked at high temperatures — to bring a slice of authentic Italian fare to rural Indiana. The Hawkins family built their pizza oven by hand, using bricks from a nearby farmhouse that was no longer in use. Flames flicker to create a perfectly crisp crust from dough made with farm-fresh honey. (The dough is now produced by a partner restaurant for the farm.)

These hyper-local pizzas burst with flavorful pepperoni, ham, sausage and chicken, as well as bountiful farm-fresh vegetables and herbs. Customer favorites include the sausage and Harvest Special pizzas. The latter changes weekly, depending on which ingredients are freshest, and all of them are sourced from the Hawkins’ farm and nearby like-minded farmers.

Proceeds from the pizzas go toward the local HOPE CSA, a nonprofit clergy education program. On any given Friday night, first-timers and regulars line up for a fresh pie, and in-the-know customers bring along picnic blankets, chairs and drinks to enjoy under the setting sun.

Picnic tables dot the grounds and allow visitors to dine on-site. In 2023, the farm introduced garlic bread sticks as well as dessert pizzas to top off a meal. The pizza nights start around mid-June each year and run through September. Ordering online ahead of time is highly recommended. 10373 N. 300 E., North Manchester, Indiana 46962,