Restaurant Pearl Morissette

Enjoy fine dining with a pastoral setting in Jordan Station, Ontario, where chef Daniel Hadida prepares 10-course prix fixe meals using farm-to-table ingredients. 

Rustic tables and wine glasses at Restaurant Pearl Morissette in Jordan Station, Ontario (photo courtesy of Restaurant Pearl Morissette)

Restaurant Pearl Morissette is a destination for the eater who collects remarkable dining experiences like passport stamps. In this case, a passport is not optional. The restaurant is in the charming village of Jordan Station, Ontario, part of the Niagara Benchlands wine region known for terroir-driven wines that are influenced by the cool-climate nuances of Lake Ontario.

Travelers take a scenic drive through miles of grapevines before arriving at the secluded agricultural compound where Restaurant Pearl Morissette grows and raises some of the foods that become part of its signature 10-course prix fixe meal. Diners are greeted on the second floor of a beautifully converted barn with windows overlooking the surrounding property, bringing gardens, ponds and pastures into perfect view.

The 38-seat space is refined and minimalist, the service seamless and unobtrusive. Focus is directed to the course in front of you, marked by unique flavor combinations, inventive cooking preparations and artistic presentation.

Dishes are comprised of items aligned with the seasons that have been foraged, farmed or fished exclusively in Canada and its adjacent waters. The real magic happens in the kitchen, where simple ingredients are reimagined for a daily menu that is never posted in advance.

Head chef Daniel Hadida, who co-owns the restaurant with Eric Robertson, consults with local farmers when developing each day’s menu. Pearl Morissette, the on-site winery affiliated with the restaurant, produces low-intervention wines that are available to add on as pairings with the meal. Restaurant Pearl Morissette books lunch and dinner seating weeks in advance, and reservations are essential to getting the time you want.

Travelers who make a stop in the city’s historic Jordan Village can enjoy pastries and coffee at RPM Bakehouse, which operates under the same ethos as the restaurant, before visiting the nearby shops as well as the region’s orchards and wineries that produce notable pinot noir, cabernet franc, riesling and chardonnay varieties. 3953 Jordan Rd., Jordan Station, Ontario L0R 1S0, 905/562-7709,