This Cincinnati, Ohio, food tour shares a wide variety of plant-based dishes at restaurants throughout the city. 

Vegan Food Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio (photo courtesy of Harmony Plant Fare)

Plant-based food is more popular than ever, but newcomers to the lifestyle are often scared away by the thought of squishy tofu and lettuce for every meal. What they might not realize is eating vegan doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t mean eating just vegetables and soy. Join Cincinnati’s Vegan Food Tour to experience a surprisingly wide variety of plant-based dishes throughout the city. Restaurants on the tour vary, but have included spots such as Gomez Salsa, a walk-up Mexican restaurant featuring tofu as a protein option for tacos and burritos; BanaSun Smoothie Bar, a smoothie counter serving bowls, slushies and smoothies made from natural ingredients; and Harmony Plant Fare, a wholly vegan New York City-style delicatessen with seasonal menus.

520 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio,